Dear Students

Dear Students

How does it work?

For students, use of the webpage is completely free including registration, finding a tutor, sending a message, access for free educational materials.

How can you find a tutor?
The subjects can be found in finding a tutor menu item, you can choose a subject and a tutor here.

How can I get in touch with a tutor?
In finding a tutor menu item, you can choose the sympathetic tutor. You can get in touch with the tutor in one of the contact details appearing on the tutor data form if there is any contact detail or you can send a message to the tutor directly on the website after student registration.

How can I publish finding a tutor advertisement on the page?
At first, you must register as a student, after it you can publish an advertisement in which you can include the subject, the location of the education and hourly fee, etc..




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