Fathima Hasna
Fathima Hasna

Fathima Hasna

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A brief introduction

Hello my dear students,

I am a Science graduate teacher with over 6 years experience in tutoring SCIENCE to KS3 students and CHEMISTRY to KS4 students ONLINE

I am very skilled at breaking down complicated Science concepts into easily understandable ideas using everyday life analogies. My classes are very interactive, engaging and completely students centred. I utilize modern virtual teaching tools, multimedia presentations and other tools to help learning Science interesting and innovative. I assess students’ progress using continuous Assessment Tests, identify areas that need to be improved and work on it. I have a very friendly class environment which help the students to open up to any queries related to the subject. I am happy to say that, In my past years of teaching, I have been able to make a profound impact academic progress and achievement of students.



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