Mariam umar
Mariam umar

Mariam umar

Quran & Arabic, Gold medalist, Certified & Experienced teacher
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  • Rawalpindi, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

A brief introduction


Assalam u alaikum,
I am Hafiza Mariam from Pakistan, a dedicated and highly educated educator with an impressive decade-long track record in instructing on the Quran, tajweed, Tafseer, Translation, Hadith, fiqh, and various other Islamic studies. I specialize in employing effective teaching techniques tailored for children.

My expertise extends to offering comprehensive short and long tajweed courses, particularly designed for adults spanning three to six months. I hold certifications from the renowned Islamic education board, Wafaq ul madaris Al Arabia Pakistan, accompanied by outstanding academic achievements, including a gold medal in MA Islamiyat & Arabic.

To date, I have successfully guided over 200 students through online instruction, with approximately 150 students completing their Quranic studies with impeccable tajweed under my guidance. At present, I am actively engaged in educating 80 students from diverse countries.

If you are seeking the services of an exceptionally experienced and qualified Quran and tajweed instructor for either yourself or your children, I am here to meet your needs. I also offer instruction in various Islamic disciplines, such as short ahadees, short duas, basic Arabic language skills for Quranic fluency, recitation improvement, basic Arabic conversation, Quranic memorization support, and much more.

Whether you desire an enjoyable learning experience for your child, thorough preparation for travel to an Arab country, assistance with specific Islamic texts, or simply a reconnection with Islam, my teaching philosophy adapts to cater to your unique requirements.

In addition, I am well-equipped to understand and accommodate the learning needs of children. Should you seek Arabic writing instruction or any other specific educational goals, rest assured, you have come to the right place.

I invite you to experience my teaching firsthand by taking a trial session, allowing you to make an informed decision. Be sure to peruse the reviews from my previous students to gain insight into their experiences.

I am committed to delivering satisfaction from the very first trial session, which is offered at a nominal fee to facilitate your assessment of my teaching prowess.

For those with busy schedules or a need for accelerated learning, I offer flexible scheduling, allowing you to set class times on short notice and reschedule as needed. I have also developed engaging resources such as short ahadees, prayers, and animated moral videos tailored for children, ensuring enjoyable and productive sessions.

By selecting me as your tutor, you can expect to progress from any level to an advanced stage with exceptional proficiency, all in a remarkably short time or according to your specific goals.

I eagerly await your booking and the opportunity to embark on this educational journey together. Thank you for considering my profile, and may you be blessed abundantly.

Hafiza Mariam




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