Trevor Herne
Trevor Herne

Trevor Herne

Learning English one phonic sound at a time
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A brief introduction

It has taken me a long time to eventually find my calling in life. Some people’s callings are theology, politics, medicine etc, mine was or is teaching. So, at the mature age of 50, I have decided to pursue the field of education as a career.

Last year I eventually found one of my Niche’s which is Science of Reading or the ability to teach Phonics, Phonological Awareness, Reading skills and Vocabulary. My second Niche would be Hospitality and Tourism English, and my third Niche is Conversational and Speaking skills dealing with fluency, accuracy and  Confidence.

I currently focus my tutoring efforts nowadays to the upliftment of helping children with SLD (special learning difficulties) such as Dyslexia, ADHD and literacy issues. This entails me using Science of Reading approaches such as Phonological awareness, Phonics and more. I align my teaching methods with the likes of Orton Gillingham Approach. 

I help students who wants to better or improve their  speaking skills in conversation, vocabulary and fluency in English ( British English) as well.

My classes are always centred around the students personal needs and interests. I keep my lessons very fun and exciting as it is my belief that that is what keeps the student learning and wanting more. If I have to go the extra mile for my student, I will go further. The student is my first priority.

Contact me for a chat and any other information you might want. Lets get started with your lessons. Hope to hear from you soon.



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