Vanda Bazin
Vanda Bazin

Vanda Bazin

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A brief introduction

Do you want to study abroad? Let me help you with that! 😊

I am Vanda, an English tutor specializing in IELTS. 

With my IELTS mentorship program:

  • you can get to know all the question types across the four skills
  • I’ll point out your weaknesses
  • I’ll help you with what and how to practice between lessons to make the most of your time
  • I’ll teach you templates for all essay types so that during the exam, you can focus on content
  • you can learn how to analyze charts and diagrams easily
  • I provide opportunities to practice speaking and/or writing every day, even when we don’t have a lesson (depending on which you need more)
  • I’ll correct your essays according to the official scoring guidelines and provide you with top-scoring examples I place great importance on keeping the student’s attention fully engaged during lessons, so I often work with current topics, movies, and incorporate the student’s hobbies into the material.

    Of course, I  offer a free consultation, so you have nothing to lose. 😊



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